Keep It Simple Stupid an Emergency Safe- Portable and Sta-bull Ta-bull.

Introducing KISSES Sta-bull Ta-bull

Reload ammunition in the field

Camp cooking table

Instant sewing table only when you need it 

Even an apartment may now have a workbench


Portable communications


                Stores 8″ high horizontally

                    or vertically







This fully assembled 350# load capacity KISSES Sta-bull Ta-bull with as many uses as you can think of is now available for only $88.  For the mechanical minded, below is what you need to make one yourself.

Major components

Black and Decker Workmate 125

24″x24″x3/4″ Hard serviced plywood

18″x24″x3/16″ Pegboard


Minor Components

1 each Sterilite 2051 6 qt plastic drawer

2 each 2″ brass hinges

4 each 3″x3/16″ Toggle bolts

4 each 1 1/4″x3/16″ Flat washers

8 each 6×1/2 Phillips brass screws

2 each 1 1/2″ Screw anchors

4 each 4×3/8 Flat phillips zinc screws

4′ 4″ of 1/4″ Weather stripping


Assemble WM125 and crank to the fully open position


Invert and install drawer (opens towards cranks)


Place upright, center plywood and mark the 4 holes (from underneath) closest to but on the inner side of the support/crank beams (2 on each WM125 vise jaws)


Using a 3/4″ wood hole bit drill the marked holes


Align holes and install Toggle bolts, tighten. (Once the KISSES Sta-bull Ta-bull is fully constructed, simply removing these four toggle bolts returns the WM125 to it’s original vise/workbench tool)


Drawer opens on the front (crank side), install pegboard and hinges on the back side.  IMPORTANT to overhang the pegboard in horizontal position so that when placed upright the plywood limits upright position beyond maximum vertical.


Mark, drill size and install 2 anchor bolts to secure pegboard in upright position


Above also shows 2 each 2″ pieces of weather-stripping covering exposed hinge screws.  Use remaining weather-stripping on left and right edges of table (prevents items from rolling off working surface)

Because of its basic design and material used, the WM125 uses a semi-fulcrum effect of channeling all pressure towards the center line of vertical load capability.  The first appearance is that reloading ammunition would cause the table to tip.  Quite the contrary is true.  Our final Quality Control measurement involves me sitting on the front edge and at 195 pounds the WM125 passes.  We have tested many of WM125’s competition using this same calibrated testing technique and this is what a failed test looks like (and a sore butt).

 If you have questions during assembly or want to purchase a fully assembled unit please feel free to contact me at

Ken Dunwoody


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